friends and youth celebrate having planted a tree
July 1, 2019

Restoring land by cabins at Sibley

$4,000 grant

$871 local cash match

172 volunteer hours

With invasive plant species encroaching on the camper cabins and surrounding areas, it was time to take action. DNR and the friends spent some time eliminating the invasive species. Then, the friends group stepped in to help restore the space. The friends, with support from students at a Willmar public school, installed 120 trees and shrubs and installed wire cages to protect them. This project enabled the friends group to connect with middle school students and share with them the joy that Sibley State Park has to offer.

tree cages around newly planted trees
kids and a friends volunteer celebrate having planted a tree
Students from a Willmar public school helped the Friends Group plant native shrubs around the camper cabins.
Sibley State Park Improvement Association

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