Minnesota Parks     ♦     June 1 – Sept 12, 2021

Minnesota’s parks hold a spectacular diversity of life–
mammals, flowers, trees, humans and birds.
Can you spot them?

Participate in Parks & Trails Council’s Scavenger Hunt and be entered in our

State Parks Gift Card

Weekly Drawing $20 Gift Cards

Choose a State Park to begin your hunt


Ages: Anyone from age 1-100+ may participate, but an adult or parent/guardian of participants under age 13 will need to submit the form.

Submission: User must submit a completed online-based form, including the user name(s), email and mailing address to be entered in the drawing.

Entries: Entries are limited to one per park or trail during the event season.


20For submitting a hunt
1 each (19 max)For each "item" found (simply check the item in the form)
5 each (15 max)For each child 12 and under who participates with you
20For tagging P&TC in your Instagram photo from the hunt

Happy Hunting!