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At most Minnesota State Parks and some regional/county parks

June 1 – Sept 12, 2021

Minnesota’s parks have a diversity of mammals, flowers, trees, humans and birds.
Can you spot them?

Weekly Drawing
$20 Gift Cards

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Ages: Anyone from age 1-100+ may participate, but an adult or parent/guardian of participants under age 13 will need to submit the form.

Submission: User must submit a completed online-based form, including the user name(s), email and mailing address to be entered in the drawing.

Entries: Entries are limited to one per park or trail during the event season.


20For submitting a hunt
1 each (19 max)For each "item" found (simply check the item in the form)
5 each (15 max)For each child 12 and under who participates with you
10For following our Instagram or liking our Facebook

Photo Credits

We greatly appreciate the various photographers who share their photography that makes this project possible.

Click the photo to see the source websites (when applicable).

Weekly Drawing Winners

Week 1 | June 7 | Cassandra M., entry from Blue Mounds State Park

Week 2 | June 14 | Linnea B., entry from Afton State Park