Native yellow sunflowers in a field

2017 Photo Gallery

Thank you to all the photographers who have entered our 2017 Photo Contest. They are shown in the order submitted.

Seasonal Changes

Minnesota is a land of four seasons, this category showcases them all! That means snow, snow, snow; and it means leaves turning red and yellow and falling on the trail; and it means spring flowers that show themselves for a few short weeks each year.

Outdoor Recreation & Appreciation

Parks and trails are special in that they are places for people to enjoy nature. This category is to showcase photos of people splashing in the lake, taking in the view from atop a peak, hiking or biking down the trail, or cross-country skiing, or whatever way they recreate and appreciate parks and trails. The key is that there are people in the photo.

Flora & Fauna

Sometimes it’s the close-up details of a mushroom or a spruce grouse that help us understand the importance of a park or trail. This category showcases photos that capture the details of the plant and animal life within the state parks and trails.