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December 18, 2018

Meet the Lake Wobegon Trails Association

From Lake Wobegon Trails Association

Lake Wobegon Trails Association exists to promote and enhance the trail and the communities and businesses on the trail. We advocate for continued support of the trail locally, at the state level, and nationally. We work closely with the Stearns County Parks Department to keep the trail in good condition.

Each year, we sponsor and organize  three fundraiser rides: The Caramel Roll and Ladyslipper Rides in June and the Caramel Apple Ride in September. Beginning last year, we also partnered with the Central Lakes Trail Association to put on the Rail Trails 100, a century ride which uses both trails.

Every year, we choose a project to work on which will enhance the trail for users. In 2017, we began working with local Lions Clubs, cities, and individuals to raise enough money to outfit each trailhead with a bike repair station and pump. Because of the scope of the project, we expect to install the last of 8 stations in 2019.

Currently, we’re working on establishing a “Friends of the Trail” program to raise more awareness of our group and its activities.

Content contributed by: Jan Lasar, Lake Wobegon Trails Association

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