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May 30, 2018

Lake Vermilion: park development

View of island at Lake Vermilion State Park
View of island at Lake Vermilion State Park
Brett Feldman / P&TC
Supported Project in P&TC’s 2018 Legislative Agenda

Project Overview

Continue to develop Minnesota’s newest state park. This development includes the construction of the Lodge Visitor Center, Murray Campground, a solar plant to provide renewable energy for the park, a trailhead for a hiking trail to Jasper Peak, and associated roads and parking.

2018 Identified Need

$13 million

Project Impact

In 2008, Lake Vermilion was established as Minnesota’s newest state park, protecting the highly scenic land around 5 miles of Lake Vermilion shoreline. The park abuts Soudan Underground Mine State Park, which provides a unique cultural experience of touring a former mine site, and was officially joined with this park as one unit a few years ago. This project would solidify this park as a premiere destination and landmark for the next generation of Minnesotans.

Project Support

This project was identified by the MnDNR as a priority.

Bill Status: Passed & Signed

Bonding bill (4425) signed by Gov. Dayton on May 30, 2018 includes the following language pertaining to this project:

$4,000,000 — For development of Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park, including designing, constructing, furnishing, and equipping the Lake Lodge Visitor Center at Armstrong Bay, the Murray Spur campground site and nearby infrastructure, and renewable energy facilities in the park, and for repair and reconstruction of the mine shaft at the Soudan Underground Mine.

2018 Legislative Outcome

Amount RequestedAmount Funded
$13 million$4 million

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