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Action needed! Contact your House and Senate Members!

By Judy Erickson, government relations director

The next six weeks are going to be difficult and grueling for legislators. In relation to the whole scheme of things at the Legislature, the parks and trails piece is positive. Please be positive in contacting your legislators! Thank you for being a part of the team that strengthens and supports our legislative efforts!

Park and trail vision wanted

By Judy Erickson, government relations director

Many in Minnesota's park and trail community had a vision in mind when they worked on the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment for over a decade. Now that the Parks and Trails Fund has been established, it has become very clear that legislators want a full and broad discussion about what will be accomplished in the next 25 years as a result of the new funding.

Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Environment and Natural Resources Budget Bills out next week

By Judy Erickson, government relations director

In order to meet legislative deadlines, both the House and Senate will be putting their respective budget proposals out next week. The dollar amount differences between the House, Senate and governor are not great, but the bills could look very different.

Trail Builder Ann Bancroft

By Brett Feldman

Millions of people across the globe have drawn inspiration from world-renowned educator and polar explorer Ann Bancroft. The Minnesota native's accomplishments shatter stereotypes of age, gender and size. In fact, at 53 years old and just under 5'4" tall, Bancroft has proven that the most certain path to success is the one that comes from an inner desire to follow the heart.