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Legacy Funds Update

Two Weeks Left in Session and Legacy Bill Still in Progress

With less than two weeks left in the legislative session, legislators are engaged in a strategic chess match – shifting political capital from one place to another. Key bills that impact Minnesota's parks and trails remain caught up in the political process. The Parks & Trails Council's government relations team remains actively engaged with legislators and is relentlessly working to advance the Parks & Trails Council's legislative agenda.

House Legacy Bill includes language for the creation of a Greater Minnesota Parks and Trails Commission

For the past three years, parks professionals from Greater Minnesota have been working together to better represent their system of parks and trails at the Capitol. They have made important strides in coordinating their efforts across vast distances. And now they want the Legislature to make their efforts official through the creation of a representative Commission appointed by the governor.

Action News Update April 16

Legacy Funds Update

On April 11, the House Legacy Committee voted to approve the Omnibus Legacy Bill, HF1183, sponsored by Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis), which includes $85.19 millions in appropriations from the Parks and Trails Fund.

Action News Update April 9

Big investments on the horizon for MN parks and trails?

If the last week is any indication of how much lawmakers are ready to invest in Minnesota’s parks and trails, then we may soon be able to celebrate some exciting new outdoor recreation opportunities. Over the past week, lawmakers have taken action on the Parks and Trails Legacy Fund, the General Fund budget and a bonding bill—all of which have direct implications on Minnesota’s parks and trails.