Whitewater State Park


Land Saved

282 Acres (10% of total parkland)

Map of Acquired Land


Features saved

  • Bluffs overlooking the visitor center
  • Shoreline along the Whitewater River

Project Year

1993 – 10 acres

1999 – 40 acres

2005 – 215 acres

2007 – 17 acres

Whitewater State Park

Ensuring a unique ecological treasure is open for all

photo by Mark Lissick

photo by Mark Lissick

Whitewater State Park preserves a beautiful river valley with some of the best trout fishing in the state. Surrounding the park are many family farms, yet the park remains a place where the natural environment dominates.

In 2005 the scenic beauty of the park was threatened as a farm on the bluffs overlooking the park’s visitor center was being sold and developers were looking to buy. Thanks to our volunteers in the area and major donations to our Samuel H. Morgan Land Acquisition Fund, Parks & Trails purchased this highly valuable land for nearly $1 million. In the process we protected 1.25 miles of Whitewater State Park’s signature bluff line and about 215 acres.

This along with several other acquisitions over the years has added critical land, including some of the Whitewater Valley’s most important and unique natural resources.

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