Brass band playing in parking lot
Volunteers with the GBCTA coordinate a celebration for the grand opening of the Brown’s Creek Trail in 2015 that includes a roving brass band

PEER-TO-PEER LEARNING: Managing Volunteers


Tuesday, June 27, 2023


Online Event (via Zoom)

Webinar Description

Working with volunteers is a great chance for Friends Groups to engage their local community and meet potential new members, but it also brings with it a familiar set of frustrations, including scheduling difficulties, talent-task mismatch, and cultivating a volunteer base that will come back year after year.

We switched things up a little for this webinar – instead of a recorded session with an expert speaker, we brought Friends Group members to the (virtual) table to discuss their own struggles, successes, and solutions in relation to managing short-term volunteers. Because this kind of session is unrecorded, we don’t have a video to share with you this month, but those who attended walked away with new resources, ideas, and connections that will hopefully be useful in strengthening and expanding their volunteer networks.

Webinar highlights:

  • A brainstorming session using Jamboard
  • Connecting with other Friends Group Partners across the state, including on the subject of seed collection events
  • Resources for finding potential volunteers
This webinar is part of Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota webinar series designed to offer valuable information, tips, and resources for our Friends Group partners

Hosted by:

  • Phoebe Ward, Friends Group Program Manager
Photo credit: Gateway Brown’s Creek Trail Association