Reuel Harmon Award

two carved wrens

The Reuel Harmon Award is an annual recognition of exemplary service and outstanding achievements on behalf of Minnesota’s parks and trails.

Reuel Harmon

Reuel Harmon (2nd from left) with other founders of P&TC

About Reuel Harmon

Our annual award is named in honor of Reuel Harmon, who helped establish Parks & Trails Council in 1954 (then called the Minnesota Council of State Parks). He went on to lead the organization through 30 years of growth and transformation with his bold, strategic leadership. He was a dedicated, skilled and respected person who inspired others to follow his lead. Through his commitment of time, resources and management, Harmon made significant contributions to preserving Minnesota’s natural heritage.

A Handcrafted Award

Each award is as unique as its recipient. A different bird is carved from wood to honor our extraordinary recipients. Throughout the years these works of art have been created by carvers Kerry Mayer, John Strutt, and Gary Bullemer.

Award with two wooden waterfowl atop a wooden platform
Carving of a pair of woodducks on an award pedestal
2019 award to Sen. Keith Langseth
wood carving of a pair of loons
2018 award to Grant Merritt
Carving of a bluebird on an award
2017 award to Rep. Alice Hausman
two carved wrens
2016 award to Dave Lais
Carving of a bluejay on an award stand
2015 award to Peggy Prowe
Carving of a loon on an award stand
2014 award to David Minge
Carving of a bluejay on an award stand
2013 award to Mary Lee Dayton
Carving of a bird on award stand
2012 award to Mark and Joan Strobel
carving of a pileated woodpecker mounted on award
2011 award to Peter Seed
Carving of a woodduck
2009 award to Eleanor Winston
Carving of a duck head
2007 award to Henry Somsen

Reuel Harmon Award Recipients

Anthony Taylor

Building equitable access to the outdoors

Sen. Carrie Ruud

Senator who stands up for parks and trails

Steve Thorne

Adept advocate for parks and trails

Sen. Keith Langseth

Senator invested in parks and trails

Grant Merritt

Delightfully dogged environmental defender

Rep. Alice Hausman

Representing a bright future for parks and trails

Dave Lais

Lifelong park manager to the core

Peggy Prowe

Tenacious Trail Advocate

David Minge

Your Honorable Park and Trail Lover

Mary Lee Dayton

Legacy Builder

Joan & Mark Strobel

Scientists saving parks

Peter Seed

Lawyer on the Side of Trails

Terry McGaughey

Mr. Paul Bunyan Trail

Eleanor Winston

Outstanding Outdoorswoman

Senator David Durenberger

Pursuer of Pro-Parks Policies

Henry N. Someson

Founder with Foresight

Michael Prichard

Tireless Advocate

Robert Dunn

Representative for the Environment

Don Davison & Bill Morrissey

Former Parks Directors Professionalize the System

Rollis Bishop

Passionate Promoter of Itasca

Alden Lind

Relentless Environmentalist

Howard E. Olson

Visionary Leader

Nadine Blacklock

Dedicated Nature Photographer

Rep. Willard Munger

Legislator for Parks and Trails

Gov. Elmer L. Anderson

Governing with an Environmental Vision

Martin N. Kellogg

Environmental Leader

Samuel H. Morgan

Co-founder of P&TC