Land Recently Saved

Where will critical land come up for sale?

         When will a landowner decide they’re ready to sell?

~ No one knows. ~

But, we must be ready to act when it does.

The Land Fund Keeps Us Ready!

Having a robust Land Fund means we are ready to buy land whenever it’s put up for sale.

It means, critical lakeshore, prairie, and forest becomes treasured places for all. Often, we get just one shot to buy pristine land before it’s developed. Miss that shot, and the park or trail will likely never see the benefits that would come with that land. We need to act before that happens!

But it's stretched thin!

Our Land Fund is now stretched to its limit as we’ve worked overtime to save valuable parcels for several parks and trails. These are incredible places that were about to be lost if we didn’t act. Now, however, few funds remain on-hand to buy the next critical land.

You can join with other members and supporters to keep this important tool working for parks and trails by making a donation today! The Land Fund is powerful, in part because it acts as a revolving fund. This means any money that is spent to buy land is returned to the Fund once that land is sold to the park or trail. Essentially, your donation to the Land Fund will be used over and over again, for years to come.

$400,000 Goal

To Grow the Land Fund

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Update on our Goal

We want to thank everyone who donated in 2020 and helped us raise more than $160,000 for this Land Fund campaign.

We are now striving to reach an overall goal of $400,000 for the Land Fund by the end of 2021.

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