Friends Group Partner Award

The Friends Group Partner Award is an annual recognition of outstanding stewardship, volunteerism, and collaboration by a friends group in support of a park or trail.

wood award in shape of minnesota with laser cutting

Recognizing Outstanding Stewardship

In 2020, Parks & Trails Council issued the inaugural Friends Group Partner Award, recognizing that friends groups play a vital role in helping to build such a thriving park and trail system in Minnesota. Each year, P&TC will celebrate this unique role that friends groups play by issuing an award to a friends group that demonstrates the values of stewardship, volunteerism, and collaboration.

The Award

Each award is laser engraved, showing the different ecosystems in Minnesota and displaying the group’s name prominently. The award is presented to the friends group for them to display at the park or trail or another place meaningful to the group.

Friends Group Partner Award Recipients

Friends of Lake Maria State Park

Providing public and youth engagement opportunities