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Improving the view at Frontenac State Park

The Frontenac State Park Association couldn’t have picked a better day. Sandwiched between days of forecasted rain, Wednesday, May 29th dawned clear and sunny, with a cool breeze that alleviated the early-summer heat. Frontenac State Park was in its element, bursting with green foliage, colorful ...
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Volunteers pose in front of Frontenac Pond.


Some wins, some losses for parks and trails May 28, 2024 The Minnesota Legislature’s 2024 legislative session came to a chaotic and contentious close on May 20. The session evolved around a myriad of issues, and like always, it was an eventful one for parks …

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Minnesota State Capitol

State Park track chairs open miles of opportunity for people with mobility impairments

Top Photo: MNDNR Parks and Trails Division   Imagine hiking at a Minnesota state park, your trail mix packed for a long trek—raisins aside, because who wants those? Going along, you watch a butterfly pass by when, out of the corner of your eye, you ...
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Person in an ATV wheelchair on a dirt path in a state park

The Friends of Scandia Parks & Trails start work at Liten Park

About a dozen residents of Scandia braved cold winds, wet ground, and prickly ash on April 20th in the name of restoring Liten Park. The park, recently acquired by the City of Scandia, is currently an irregularly shaped trapezoid of long grasses and woody bracken. ...
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Nine people stand in front of a pile of cut branches, smiling.

Three Friends Groups receive funding for habitat restoration in 2024

Three Friends Groups have received funding for habitat restoration in 2024. These projects will address a variety of habitat-related issues at state and regional parks, including the restoration of bird habitat around a wildlife blind, creative erosion control measures at a high-traffic picnic area, and ...
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Meet the Friends of Munger South

Dave Auchter saw a problem that he couldn’t afford to ignore. A longtime user of the historic Willard Munger State Trail, he had had front-row seats to the slow degradation of the trail’s asphalt surface. A popular thoroughfare for hikers and bikers, the trail had ...
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Special Places Newsletter Spring 2024

In this Issue From P&TC president: Replace State Park Lands | Online Store  |  2024 Legislative agenda  |  Grand Portage webinar recap  |  E-bike rules  |  Minnehaha Regional Park
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Get to know e-bike rules in Minnesota

Minnesota codifies e-bike classes and offers rebate incentive to buy your own If you’ve spent time on Minnesota trails in the last few years, you may have noticed a growing trend: Electric bicycles, or e-bikes now make up the fastest-growing bicycle segment. And all projections ...
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Three young adults bicyling down a wooded trail

Indigenous informed management at Grand Portage State Park

× On Dec. 7, 2023 P&TC hosted a webinar presented by leaders from Grand Portage State Park. This article stems from that content. An inspiring example of parks as a shared resource and benefit Heading north along the North Shore on Hwy. 61, on the ...
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Tall waterfall

Meet the Friends of Minnehaha

The Friends of Minnehaha Park came into being in early 2023.  Susan Glenn, a resident of Kenny neighborhood and a lifelong nature and history lover and park user, spent many hours outdoors exploring the park and sharing the love of the park with family and ...
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Moving into its 70th year with a new logo that reflects its mission and vision Today, Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota (P&TC) has launched a clean, fresh rebrand. As the leading nonprofit working to support and protect parks and trails in Minnesota, we’re excited …

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Friends help secure major funding for trail extension

Overall, this was a good year for parks and trails, but especially so for the Mill Towns Trail, which saw an incredible $8.19 million investment from the 2023 bonding bill. The Friends of Mill Towns State Trail were instrumental in making it happen. Over the …

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Group of 11 people standing on an outdoor plaza


Significant victories for parks & trails The 2023 Legislative Session began Jan. 3 and adjourned May 22, 2023. It resulted in the largest parks and trails investment package in state history. Numerous trails received funding for extensions, and we avoided an onerous permit fee increase. …

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Minnesota State Capitol Dome

Our Research bike is in motion again

Pedaling all Minnesota’s paved state trails It’s been over five years since Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota completed our ambitious Research Bike project. Since then, pavement conditions have changed, and additional miles have been added, so it’s time to re-ride the trails to document …

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Person with bright yellow vest riding a bike on a trail with Lake Superior on their left

Anthony Taylor’s speech

Parks & Trails Council 2023 Reuel Harmon Award was presented to Anthony Taylor during our Annual Dinner. Here is the full acceptance speech Anthony delivered at the dinner.   “Good evening, friends, family, and fellow advocates. I am deeply humbled and profoundly grateful to be …

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Two people in suits with one holding a wooden award with a loon