Bumble Bee on Queen Anne's Lace
Bumble Bee on Queen Anne's Lace. By James Eklund

WEBINAR: The Bumble Bee Atlas


Tuesday, June 4, 2024



Online Event (via Zoom)

Webinar Description

The Atlas is a community (aka citizen or participatory) science project aimed at gathering the data needed to track and conserve bumble bees. The information that we have suggests that many species of bumble bees face an uncertain future, but we lack the data needed to implement effective conservation measures, especially at the regional scale.

At this webinar, Elaine Evans and Elise Bernstein of the UMN Department of Entomology discuss their work for the Atlas and how volunteers at parks and trails can get involved in gathering more information about these important members of our ecosystem. This webinar will not be recorded, so if you’re interested in learning more about this project, be sure to hop onto Zoom with us on June 4th!

This webinar is part of Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota webinar series designed to offer valuable information, tips, and resources for our Friends Group partners



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Hosted by:

  • Phoebe Ward, Friends Group Program Manager
  • Elaine Evans, UMN Department of Entomology
  • Elise Bernstein, UMN Department of Entomology
Photo credit: James Eklund/P&TC Photo Contest