Artist Reception for Delora Fiers  

Artist Reception for Delora Fiers


Tettegouche State Park


Fri, Nov 4    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Delora Fiers is a handmade paper artist. She uses paper pulp to create two- and three-dimensional art pieces where handmade paper pulp is the primary medium. Her art takes a variety of forms; a bowl, a box, a book, a wall hanging, a framed image or a gift tag ornament.
“Images in my art may contain elements found in nature or reflect seasonal changes that are so much a part of the Minnesota landscape. My art invites the viewer to consider a dialog between the container and what is contained.
A bowl, as a container, is a visual metaphor for Mother Earth. A bowl’s rounded bottom suggests a tenuous balance. The circle formed by the rim is endless. Imagine there is a place on that circle for all that exists. All who reside on the rim must live in harmony to keep the bowl in balance.
As containers, my objects of handmade paper might hold a story, recall a memory, or express an emotion. What is contained may be an image I created, a dried plant cast in the paper, or a significant item placed there by you.”
Come and meet Delora on November 4th. Her work will be on exhibit through the months of November and December in the Visitor Center.


Photo: Friends of Tettegouche State Park, Delora Fiers

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