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Webinar: Understanding Minnesota’s Changing Climate

A Minnesota climate scientist breaks down the latest science


Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Noon – 1:00 pm


Online Event (via Zoom)


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Webinar Description

Minnesota’s climate is famous for its ups, downs, and extremes, but is also experiencing changes, unlike anything we have observed previously.

Hear from Dr. Kenneth Blumenfeld, a climate scientist with Minnesota’s State Climatology Office, as he breaks down trends in regional climate, including winter warming, changes in precipitation, and how these changes relate to places around the globe.

He will distinguish between typical variability and long-term trends. He will also discuss future climate scenarios and the implications for actual climatic conditions here in Minnesota.

Bring all your burning questions about climate change in Minnesota as we’ll follow-up the presentation with a Q&A session.

About Dr. Kenneth Blumenfeld

Man on bicycle with helmet, gloves and jacket in snowy landscapeDr. Kenneth (“Kenny”) Blumenfeld is a climate scientist who grew up in Minnesota with a love for storms, blizzards, and being outside. He works for the Minnesota State Climatology Office (Department of Natural Resources), where he provides the state’s agencies, communities, and citizens with up-to-date scientific information about Minnesota’s changing and variable climate. Kenny enjoys telling and hearing weather stories, and often does it long after the workday is done.


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