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"I went to Wolf Lake to watch the sun rise. I needed to set up my tripod much more quickly than normal as the mosquitos were ferocious that morning. I snapped thirteen frames, half of which were deleted because of mosquitos on or right in front of the lens."
by Will Stenberg

Will Stenberg / P&TC photo contest

Savanna Portage State Park is 5,818 acres of dense forests, clear lakes, and unique bog ecosystems in the northeastern region of Minnesota. Visitors can hike the numerous trails that criss-cross the park to get a closer look at its population of wolves, moose, and songbirds. Numbered among these paths is the historic Savanna Portage Trail, traversed by Dakota, Ojibwe, and European voyageurs in years past, as well as the Continental Divide Trail, which marks the division between two mighty North American watersheds. Visitors also come during the summer months to swim in Loon Lake and fish in multiple waterways across the park.

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