Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota is proud to act as the fiscal sponsor for Friends of Minnehaha Park.

As their fiscal sponsor, we partner to advance their cause and provide the tools and building blocks to run a nonprofit, including receiving, holding and administering funds on behalf of the friends group.

Friends of Minnehaha Park


The Friends of Minnehaha Park will provide stewardship and advocacy for Minnehaha Regional Park, engage with the community to respect, and learn about the environment and cultural history of the park, and partner with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and community to foster public engagement in restoring and sustaining the natural environment.

Friends Since


Friends of Minnehaha Park


Wednesday Buckthorn Removal

Saturday Buckthorn Removal

Minnehaha Nature Walk

Nature Walk at Minnehaha

Glossy buckthorn with berries

Volunteer Buckthorn Removal

Earth Day Cleanup

Early Spring Wildflowers at Minnehaha

Glossy buckthorn with berries

Buckthorn Ecology

Early Signs of Spring at Minnehaha

Friends of Minnehaha Park


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