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Friends of Itasca State Park

pinpoint of Itasca State Park on Minnesota


An all-volunteer group that raises money for projects that are needed at the park. For example, the group has raised money for playgrounds for various location around the park, and they restored the wicker furniture at the main lodge and many other projects around the park.

Friends Since


Volunteers installing playground
Volunteers installing a playground
Angler showing off fish on the pier
Angler enjoying the pier created by the Friends
Two people kneeling to install playground structure
Friends volunteers install a playground
Distant view of pier at Itasca
The Friends helped create this pier at Itasca

More about these Friends

June 27, 2018

Volunteers install 400 tree cages at Itasca State Park

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Four volunteers in woods with fencing
May 4, 2018

P&TC awards $5,000 grants to Friends Groups for restoration ...

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