Native yellow sunflowers in a field

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Parks & Trails Council is proud to partner with this independent friends group.

Parks & Trails Council cannot accept donations on behalf of this friends group.

Prairie Visions/Friends of the Shooting Star State Trail


For 25 years the main activity has been in supporting the Shooting Star State Trail and Shooting Star Scenic Byway.

Friends Since

Early 1990s as a pseudo-municipality created by a Joint Powers Agreement among four cities: Adams, LeRoy, Rose Creek and Taopi.

Four members of Prairie visions gathered at table
Members of Prairie Visions at our Day on the Hill event where volunteers gather to advocate for parks and trails
Norwegian style shelter along the Shooting Star Trail
The Friends fund raised and constructed this Norwegian shelter along the trail.
photo by Becky Hartwig
Purple wildflowers on trail with sunset
The Friends help maintain the trail by fundraising for sweep equipment. photo by Maureen Noterman

Prairie Visions/Friends of the Shooting Star State Trail

Prairie Visions/Friends of the Shooting Star Trail


Our Related Advocacy Work

Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota is a strong voice at the state capital working to ensure Minnesota’s parks and trails are protected and cared for. We work with friends groups to identify critical projects that need government support.

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