Land Committee

Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota’s Land Committee oversees the process of assessing each land project. The committee is guided by P&TC’s Strategic Land Acquisition Plan with its key criteria that each land acquisition project must meet:

  • Provides high quality outdoor recreation, or
  • Preserves natural diversity, or
  • Enhances connectivity

Land Committee members are elected by the board of directors with seven voting members and several non-voting members.

For more information on how you can get involved with the Parks & Trails Council’s Land Acquisition Committee or suggest projects, please contact our office at 651-726-2457 (1-800-944-0707) or e-mail:

Board Member Committee Members


Cyri Van Hecke

Executive Committee Member | Land Committee Chair

Bob Bierscheid

Bob Bierscheid

Board Chair

Jane Harper

Board Secretary


Barry Warner

Board Vice Chair

Voting Committee Members (Not on the board of directors)

Tom Stoa

Tom Stoa

former board member