Samuel H. Morgan Land Fund

About the Fund

As our founders bore witness to pristine lands being sold and torn up for development, they made a commitment to dedicate their resources to a strategically managed fund for the sole purpose of acquiring land. The Samuel H. Morgan Land Fund operates as a revolving account that gets spent many times over to ensure precious lands are acquired for protection and incorporation into Minnesota’s park and trail system.

Our member-supporters have added to this fund over the years, making it a powerful force in the effort to preserve parks and trails in Minnesota.

When Parks & Trails Council transfers land to a public agency, it is sold at the current fair market value so those funds can be returned to the account, where they are used to purchase the next critical parcel. Volunteer attorneys and their firms from around the state generously donate all legal expenses.

Please call our office at 651-726-2457 or 1-800-944-0707 if you would like to make a donation to the Samuel H. Morgan Land Acquisition Fund.