February 24, 2017

Volunteer naturalists with a passion for Whitewater

Since re-forming the Friends of Whitewater State Park a few years ago, this group of volunteers have found many ways to put their knowledge and appreciation for the park’s natural resources to use.

In the last year the group has:

  • Fundraised for or supported programs and events:
    • Paid for transportation to bring school children on field trips to the park
    • Keeping the bird feeders filled near the visitor center
    • Providing meals for volunteers who spent the day pulling invasive and rash-inducing wild parsnip
  • Promoted the park:
    • Coordinated a photo contest to highlight the plants, animals, people and landscape of the park
    • Created a traveling display board promoting the park at libraries, banks and city halls in the communities near the park.
  • Provided public input and/or advocacy
    • Provided input on the Whitewater State Park Management Plan Amendment that recommended moving the flood-prone campground away from the Whitewater River.
    • Attended public meetings on a proposed hog facility nearby the park to learn more about potential impacts to the water quality and smell in the park.

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