May 30, 2017

Legacy Funds Appropriation Bill

Legacy Amendment LogoLegacy Funds

The Legacy Bill (HF 707) appropriates revenues from the Legacy Amendment. The bill appropriates $88 million from the Parks and Trails Fund over the next two years, of which 40% is available for state parks and trails, 40% is available for regional parks and trails in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, and 20% is available for grants to regional parks and trails in Greater Minnesota. Legacy Funds are used to develop new outdoor recreation opportunities, take care of existing outdoor recreation facilities, create new initiatives to connect more people to the outdoors, and coordinate park and trail partners.

Appropriates revenue from the Constitutionally-dedicated Legacy Amendment. The bill appropriates revenues in the Parks and Trails Fund, including approximately $17 million per for DNR State Parks and Trails, $17 million per year for Metropolitan Regional Parks and Trails, and $8.5 million per year for grants to Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails.

Bill Number: HF 707

House Authors: Gunther
Senate Authors: Ruud

Update: HF 707 has been passed by the House (88-45) and Senate (64-3). The bill is awaiting the governor’s signature.

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