March 27, 2018

ATV bill has new number and moved to new committee

In an uncommon move, the bill that would allow all-terrain vehicles into two state parks, which we have strongly opposed, has been replaced with a new bill number. The language remains the same, but it is now bill HF4211. We continue to be opposed to this bill and we will work to ensure that the new committee where the bill will be heard understands our concerns.

The Government Operations and Elections Policy committee will hear this bill on Thursday, March 29. We encourage our members to contact members of this committee, prior to this hearing, to express opposition to allowing all-terrain vehicles in state parks. For the full list of reasons we oppose this bill, please see our No OHVs in State Parks page.

You can email all the members at once, or view the full list of members, including their emails and photos on the Minnesota Legislature’s webpage.


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