Sketch of proposed Glendalough Trailhead

Glendalough: center & trailhead

2018 Legislative Outcome

Amount RequestedAmount Funded

Funding Source

Seal of Minnesota
General Obligation Bonds

Final Bill » Law

Bonding Bill H.F.No. 4425

Session Law Chapter 214: Article 4: Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Appropriations

Final Language in Law

Subd. 9. Glendalough State Park $750,000
To predesign, design, and construct a Visitor and Trail Center in Glendalough State Park.

Project Overview

A new park visitor center and trail center at Glendalough State Park.

2018 Identified Need


Project Impact

In 2014 a new bike trail opened connecting Glendalough State Park to nearby Battle Lake, and since then visitors to the park have increased from 45,000 to 90,000 annually. A new visitor center is now badly needed to accommodate the influx of visitors. The new visitor center will preserve significant historical structures in the park that were not intended for visitor or interpretative traffic at all, and are now suffering degradation due to overuse.

Project Suppot

Grassroots initiative in partnership with Glendalough Park Partners, who has already raised nearly $300,000 of pledged donations to match the $750,000 of State bonding appropriation for the Glendalough Visitor and Trail Center.

Bill Status: Passed & Signed

  1. Bills (HF 2910 & SF 3074) introduced that appropriate $750,000 for the construction of a Visitor and Trail Center in Glendalough State Park.
  2. Bills referred to committees.
  3. Bills included in the final Bonding Bill.
  4. Signed by Gov. Dayton on May 30, 2018

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