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Legislative Agenda

2019 Legislative Agenda

A budget that works for parks and trails

There is a $3 million gap in Minnesota State Parks and Trails’ budget. The Legislature could fix this by restoring the General Fund appropriation to $27 million.

Equitable use of Legacy Funds

We support the concept of equity, coordination and balance between the needs and priorities of Minnesota’s three major park and trail systems. We believe future fund allocations should be a compromise agreed to by the Minnesota DNR, Metropolitan Regional Parks and Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails.

Support LCCMR recommendations

We support the full recommendation of the Legislative-Citizen Commission of Minnesota Resources, which includes $16 million to fund twelve park and trail projects.

Keep State Parks natural and quiet

We oppose any change that would introduce the use of recreational off-highway vehicles in Minnesota State Parks.

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Previous Years' Agendas

2018 Legislative Agenda

Grassroots Initiatives

We work with local volunteers around the state to identify and complete park and trail projects from the ground up. In 2018 we’re helping 14 communities advocate at the capitol to get their project funded.

Management Needs

We work with park and trail managers to secure the resources they need. In 2018 we’re advocating for rehabilitation and development dollars, plus critical funding for important grant programs.

Smart Policy

We work with policy experts to advocate for smart park and trail policies. In 2018 we’re fighting to keep state parks quiet and natural by opposing the potential introduction of off-highway vehicles.

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2017 Legislative Agenda

Budget & Policy Priorities

  • Fully fund Minnesota State Parks and Trails
  • No new taxes for State Trail users
  • Keep Minnesota State Parks free from the noise and undue artificiality of off-highway vehicles, including ATVs

Capital Investment Priorities

Minnesota’s parks and trails have substantial unmet capital investment needs. Working with park agencies and local friends groups, Parks & Trails Council has identified over $100 million worth of park and trail projects ready for funding. All of these projects have been in the works for years, and were put on hold following the failure to pass a bonding bill in 2016. Projects include

  • $57.5 million for State Parks and Trails Rehabilitation and Renewal
  • $31.2 million for State Parks and Trails Acquisition and Development
  • $11 million for Metropolitan Regional Parks and Trails
  • $6.6 million for Greater Minnesota Parks and Trails
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Cover of 2017 Legislative Agenda on budget and policy

2016 Legislative Agenda

  • Bonding bill to revitalize, update and expand parks and trails across Minnesota
    • $57.5 million for State Park and Trail rehabilitation
    • $27.7 million for State Park and Trail Acquisition and Development
    • $13 million for Metropolitan Regional Parks and Trails
    • $6.6 million for Greater Minnesota Parks and Trails
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Cover of the Legislative agenda 2016

2015 Legislative Agenda

  • Restore and expand General Funds for Minnesota’s state parks and trails
  • Create a stunning park and trail legacy for future generations
  • Reinvest in Minnesota’s state park and trail’s aging infrastructure
  • Continue building Minnesota’s parks and trails through the Environment & Natural Resource Trust Fund
  • Strengthen policies that protect and enhance Minnesota’s parks and trails
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2014 Legislative Agenda

  • We support the DNR’s $77.1 million bonding request, plus an additional $10.95 million for the state trails initiative.
  • We support the Metropolitan Council’s full bonding request to support metro regional parks and trails
  • We urge the legislature to fund all, or part, of the LCCMR’s recommended parks and trails projects
  • We support the full DNR request for the state to purchase certain School Trust Fund land with an added provision to also purchase trail easements/leases
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2013 Legislative Agenda

  • Restore base funding to operate State Parks and Trails
  • Make Legacy Funds truly transformative for our parks and trails
  • 13 trail projects still backlogged from 2010 vetoes; It is time to build
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