August 30, 2018

Meet Friends of Zippel Bay State Park

The Friends of Zippel Bay State Park originally organized as a cross country ski club, meaning primary activities still center around nordic skiing. For example, the Friends works to maintain 10 miles of ski trails throughout the park, including some trails that go out to Lake of the Woods. All trails pass through the forest, and it is possible to see the tracks of various rodents, birds, deer, coyotes, and wolves. In the winter, the Friends Group hosts moonlight ski events. A few years ago, Zippel Bay State Park was the only park that had enough snow for some winter events, due to its northern location and proximity to the big Lake of the Woods.

As the group transitions to have a more year-round presence, they engage in a variety of seasonal activities. They help host a summer night of star gazing, which includes the meteor shower party on the beach overlooking Lake of the Woods. The Friends have recently begun seeking grants for projects within the park. They are promoting Zippel Bay State Park as more than an access point to fishing on Lake of the Woods, but a place where folks can interact with nature in a variety of ways!

To learn more about Friends of Zippel Bay State Park, visit their Facebook page:

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