two kids carry the tree cage across the prairie
September 30, 2018

Installing tree cages around young oaks

$5,000 grant

$544 local cash match

473 oak trees protected

The oak savannah is an important ecosystem at Wild River State Park. Unfortunately, young oak trees are susceptible to being deer food, which stops their growth. Friends of Wild River stepped in to help them along by installing tree cages, protecting them from deer browse. When talking about this project, Friends of Wild River said, “We had volunteers from age six to 60s. Many talked about volunteering in the future and coming back to see how ‘their’ trees are doing.”

He found two oak trees ready for tree cages.
two women install a tree cage
Two kids intently putting a zip tie on the tree cage
the team poses next to the newly-erected tree cage
two kids carry the tree cage across the prairie

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