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November 29, 2018

Friends prepare to install nature playground in Lake Bemidji State Park

From Friends of Lake Bemidji State Park

Friends of Lake Bemidji State Park has embarked on a longterm to build a new nature playground in the park. They did much of the work in three weekends, with the help of members of the friends group, boy scouts, families that were camping, and many other volunteers.

After the trail location had been laid out, we we moved many small trees from that area to other places in the park. Then, we dug out about 4 inches of soil from the trail and put in class 5 gravel. Everything was built to legal standards for accessibility. We also built a 300foot, split rail, cedar perimeter fence along the road to ensure safety.

Since then, some large logs have been brought in, and some boulders will arrive soon.  This is an ongoing project which will be added to and upgraded as needed.

Content contributed by: Dave Sauer, Friends of Lake Bemidji State Park

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