January 7, 2019

Whitewater State Park Turns 100 – Time to Celebrate!

From Friends of Whitewater State Park

Mark your calendars—2019 is going to be a busy year at Whitewater. To celebrate the park’s 100th birthday, Friends of Whitewater State Park is working with the DNR to organize and facilitate a series of events. Each month features a seasonally-unique activity that highlights different elements of what the park has to offer.

Find the events below and make arrangements for participating in the ones that interest you most.

Celebrating such a momentous birthday also offers an opportunity to reflect upon the history of the park. There have been many significant events that have shaped the park into what it is today. Learn more by reading below and attending some of the events this year!

Content contributed by: Friends of Whitewater State Park

Featured image: Jimmy Rollins/P&TC Photo Contest

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