March 5, 2019

Mississippi Blufflands: trail plan

This project is included in Parks & Trails Council’s 2019 Legislative Agenda.

2019 Legislative Summary

2019 Amount Requested2019 Amount Funded
$2 million$0 (no bonding bill)

2019 Funding Source Sought

Seal of Minnesota
General Obligation Bonds

2019 Bills Introduced

Session ended with no bonding bill in 2019

Final Language in Law

Final language will be added here if passed.

Project Overview

Trail development and planning for the proposed Mississippi Blufflands State Trail.

The Mississippi Blufflands Trail is a proposed 17-mile trail extending from Red Wing to Lake City and winding in and out of the blufflands, wetlands, rock formations, prairie, and the Mississippi River Valley.

A smaller segment of the Mississippi Blufflands State Trail was funded through the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Funds last year (see details).

Grassroots Initiative

In partnership with Friends of the Mississippi Blufflands Trail

Other Investment Projects on P&TC's 2019 Legislative Agenda

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