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May 30, 2019

Friends of Scandia to Implement Pollinator Projects this Summer

From Friends of Scandia Parks and Trails

As summer begins, the Friends of Scandia Parks & Trails embarks on a number of projects to continue improving pollinator habitat, engage local community members, and advance support for parks and trails.

Pollinator Planting Management

The 1-acre native prairie pollinator planting we installed 3 years ago was burned for the first time this spring, then over-seeded with additional prairie seed. We will install some new plants in the small demonstration garden.

Butterfly Garden Facelift

The 2,000 square foot butterfly garden we installed about four years ago needs some improvements. We’ll be amending the soil in portions of it and re-planting.

A bee pollinates a purple flower

Photo by Karen Schik

Pollinator Survey

We will be hosting a pollinator survey for the public at William O’Brien State Park in August. Pollinators, especially native bees, which are vital for many of our food crops, have significantly declined world-wide in recent years. We are inviting citizens to learn about pollinators and how to do a basic survey. Such information can be used to monitor a site and detect changes over time.

Buckthorn Control

We will be managing the invasive buckthorn shrub at Wind in the Pines Park, one of the highest quality natural areas in Washington County.

Other Projects

We sponsored educational talks for our community which advanced Scandia to step 3 as a GreenStep city.

We changed some city policies. Specifically, the ditch mowing policy and pollinator friendly ordinance.

Get Involved

If you’d like to join the efforts, visit the website and Facebook page, or reach out to

A number of folks plant prairie plants in a flower bed
Photo by Karen Schik

Content contributed by: Brad Borg, Friends of Scandia Parks & Trails

Photos by: Karen Schik, Friends of Scandia Parks & Trails

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