Bikes in various states of repair
August 26, 2019

Community members fix donated bikes to give to kids

From Friends of the Jackson County Trails

Thirty bikes of all sizes were donated by the police department and other in order to be cleaned and fixed and given to local kids. Volunteers gathered at the Jackson Fairgrounds to transform the bikes and ensure they are safe for riding. They started by cleaning bikes, changing tires, and fixing brakes. Helpers included the county sheriff, Kiwanians, a businessman, members of the Friends of the Jackson County Trails committee and the owner of Ezekiel Wheel Bike Shop. The fixed bikes will be given to kids who need them when the school year starts.

three men repair bike parts
Luke Ewald, Dave DeJong, and Sheriff Haken busy at work repairing donated bikes.
Man adjusts bike
Paul Meium works at his station in the "assembly line."
Man replacing bike chain
Sam Espey, bike shop owner, replaces a bike chain on a donated bike
Man adjusts bike on a stand
Paul Graupmann and Dave Lappe work on a donated bike.
Man changes bike tires
Sheriff Haken is busy changing tires.
bikes in a row in a warehouse
The repaired bikes, ready to give to kids.

Content contributed by: Lynne Anderson, Friends of the Jackson County Trails

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