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October 8, 2019

Runners endured muddy trails at the Leaf Mountain Foot Race

From Friends of Glacial Lakes State Park

Friends of Glacial Lakes State Park hosted their 2nd Annual Leaf Mountain Foot Race on September 21, 2019. Thunderstorms passed through during the first loop of the race, but that didn’t stop these hearty souls! Runners soldiered on through downpours and muddy trails. We had participants ranging in age from 18 to 63 and of the 45 starters, 9 completed the 1-loop fun run, 15 completed the 2-loop Double, and 21 completed the 3-loop full glacier!


  • 1st Place Men’s Winner: Chris Brown, Alexandria MN
  • 1st Place Women’s Winner: Amber Thielbar, New Praque MN

– Overall Winners –

  • 1st Place: Chris Brown, Alexandria MN
  • 2nd Place: Carl Wallin, Glenwood MN
  • 3rd Place: Amber Thielbar, New Prague MN

A Unique Race

Runners set out on a 6.5 mile loop through the park that traverses a wide variety of terrain, from single track through thick woods, to vast prairies with panoramic views of the endless rolling hills. Finishing the first loop, also known as the “Fun Run,” runners had the choice to continue out onto the second loop to complete “The Double.” The second loop is a completely different 6.5 mile loop on a different section of trail.

Runners that completed the second loop and wanted to challenge for complete supremacy by taking on the third loop, also known as the “Full Glacier,” had to be ready for the unexpected. The first person that chose to go for the third loop was given the choice of which loop they wanted to repeat. Each subsequent person attempting the third loop had to alternate loops. In this way, no one knew who was truly in the lead until runners crossed the finish line. 

Parks & Trails Council was thrilled to co-sponsor this event by providing the liability insurance.

woman trail running
Leaf Mountain Foot Race 2019
engraved tree cookie awards
Leaf Mountain Foot Race 2019
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Leaf Mountain Foot Race
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Leaf Mountain Foot Race
man rejoices during trail running in race
Leaf Mountain Foot Race 2019

Content contributed by: Sonya Gylsen, Friends of Glacial Lakes State Park

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