Kayak and canoe storage
November 14, 2019

Creative Income for Chester Woods Park

From Friends of Chester Woods

When the Friends of Chester Woods board was considering possible projects for generating income and enhancing the park, a Friends volunteer, Georgia Northdurf, came up with the idea of having private watercraft racks available for rent. We immediately realized that there must be people who would want to avoid hauling their canoe or kayak every time they wanted to paddle the lake.  We put together a survey to determine interest levels and based on the results, decided to go ahead.  Friends paid for and installed one rack.  It was such a success we now have six and they are all rented!

The private rental racks are providing a steady, reliable source of income for Friends to use to contribute to new park amenities like the upcoming amphitheater.  We are grateful to our board members and volunteers for their inventive ideas and out-of-the-box thinking!

Content contributed by: Ruthann Yaeger, Friends of Chester Woods

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