Nets and test kits
December 30, 2020

Creating water quality activity kit

$1,000 grant

Originally, the group planned to support transportation for kids from the Boys and Girls Club to visit the park throughout the summer. However, with COVID, the plan changed. This park, famous for its lake, now has extra tools to engage youth in learning about and appreciating vital water resources. The friends worked with the park naturalist to buy and assemble a water quality kit that includes waders, nets, and test kits for nitrogen, oxygen and pH. Park staff plan to use these materials for ongoing programs and field trips with community and school groups to explore the bog, marsh, stream, and large lake.

youth and adult waders
Youth and adult waders
bugs of the underworld dvd
"Bugs of the Underworld"
turbidity tube
Turbidity tube
totes and ice cube trays for organization
Totes and ice cube trays
Nets and test kits
Nets and test kits

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