March 8, 2021

Parks & Trails Fun Quiz – March


#1. In 2018, we pedaled every paved mile of Minnesota State Trails to assess their condition. What percent were in excellent condition?

Graph of trail conditions

Overall, Minnesota’s paved state trail system is in good condition. However, at the current rate of maintenance and rehab, they will begin to degrade and by 2034 the majority will be fair to very poor condition.

#2. Where was this photo taken?

This is at Frontenac State Park.
This is on Lake Pepin near Sand Point in the park’s southeast section. Wisconsin bluffs are in the viewshed. A 1.2-mile loop trail leads to this area. In winter the trail is groomed for skiing. In summer it’s a hiking trail to a sandy beach.

View a Map of Frontenac State Park

Photo by Manda Baldwin/P&TC photo contest

#3. All the acres in Minnesota State Parks combined, adds up to what percent of Yellowstone National Park's acreage?

10% is the correct answer.
Yellowstone National Park has 2,221,440 acres (NPS Park Facts) and all the land within Minnesota State Parks adds up to about 233,166 acres (Wikipedia List of MN State Parks).

#4. What is the largest source of fine particle pollution in Minnesota?

Pie chart of pollution sources

According to the MnPCA, wood burning for campfires, stoves and boilers accounts for 60% of the fin particle pollution in Minnesota’s air. Many of us love sitting around a campfire while camping, but we may want to limit it a small fire, a shorter amount of time, or reduce how often we burn one. Not only does it produce pollution, burning wood requires cutting down trees.