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February 10, 2022

2022 Legislative Monitoring: Capital Improvement Projects

We support funding the agencies’ requests for capital improvement projects at state and regional parks and trails.

The table below highlights key actions that have been taken on this priority issue during the 2022 Legislative Session. We will work to update this table throughout the session.

MN State Parks and Trails System

EntityFunding AreaFormatDateAmount
MnDNRAsset PreservationPreliminary Agency RequestJuly 2021$149 M
MnDNRBetterment of BuildingsPreliminary Agency RequestJuly 2021$49 M
MnDNRLand Acquisition and BettermentPreliminary Agency RequestJuly 2021$91 M
MnDNRAccessibility ImprovementsPreliminary Agency RequestJuly 2021$20 M
MnDNRLake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State ParkPreliminary Agency RequestJuly 2021$12 M
Gov. Tim WalzAsset PreservationGov. RecommendationJanuary 2022$110.8 M
Gov. Tim WalzBetterment of BuildingsGov. RecommendationJanuary 2022$36.4 M
Gov. Tim WalzLand Acquisition and BettermentGov. RecommendationJanuary 2022$15 M
Gov. Tim WalzAccessibility ImprovementsGov. RecommendationJanuary 2022$5 M
Gov. Tim WalzLake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State ParkGov. RecommendationJanuary 2022$12 M
HouseState Trails RehabHF 697Jan. 20, 2022$4.8 M
SenateState Trails RehabSF 698Jan. 20, 2022$4.8 M
Senate & HouseNatural Resources Asset PreservationSF4524 / HF4838April 21, 2022$63.5 M
Senate & HouseState Park Campground RenovationSF4524 / HF4838April 21, 2022$16 M
Senate & HouseLake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State ParkSF4524 / HF4838April 21, 2022$12 M
Senate & HouseState Trail MaintenanceSF4524 / HF4838April 21, 2022$4.8 M
Senate & HouseState Park and Trail Land AcquisitionSF4524 / HF4838April 21, 2022$4 M

Metropolitan Regional Parks and Trails

EntityFunding AreaFormatDateAmount
Metropolitan CouncilMaintain, expand, and improve Metro Regional Parks SystemPreliminary Agency RequestJuly 2021$15 million (matched by $10 million in Met Council Regional Bonds)
Gov. Tim WalzMaintain, expand, and improve Metro Regional Parks SystemRecommendationJanuary 2022$3 million

Greater MN Regional Parks and Trails

EntityFunding AreaFormatDateAmount
MnDNRGrants to Local and Regional Parks and TrailsPreliminary Agency RequestJuly 2021$4 million
Gov. Tim WalzGrants to Local and Regional Parks and TrailsRecommendationJanuary 2022$1 million
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