Wooden sign mounted between stone pillars
February 24, 2022

Meet the Friends of Lake Shetek State Park

Friends Group Since

Established in 2002.


To provide support for reasonable improvement, maintenance, protection, and expansion of Lake Shetek State Park for the benefit of present and future generations.

Recent Events: Fall Festival

Fall decorations with pumpkins, flowers, and bales

Continuing an annual tradition, the friends group helped host the park’s fall festival. It’s one of the biggest events that happen in the park with about 300 people attending. They organized several activities that created a festive mood, starting with the creation of a pumpkin patch made up of 500 pumpkins, which participants could take home and decorate. A giant leaf pile was a simple, yet fun way to use the plethora of oak leaves in the park. And face painting was offered as well. The friends promote the event throughout the community and at the school as an opportunity to come to build memories at the state park. Now, they are preparing for an annual egg hunt event they will host around Easter.

Recent Projects: Tree Planting

In spring 2021 the friends partnered with Parks & Trails Council to coordinate a stewardship project that involved planting 31 native Bur Oak trees in an area of the park where a historic monument is located. The friends recruited nine students and a teacher from a local school, along with four campground hosts and two friends board members. Together, they planted and then installed cages around the trees that will protect the young trees from deer. The area had previously been overrun with an invasive lilac shrub and this effort is an important step in restoring the area to native oak savannah.

In the past, the friends have helped the park staff with funding various projects, including maintenance of the historical cabin in the park and installing a light at the boat landing.

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