May 24, 2022

Scavenger hunt adventures return to most Minnesota parks this summer

Let the scavenger hunting begin! Parks & Trails Council is bringing back the popular scavenger hunts to most Minnesota State Parks, plus four local parks this summer. These hunts are a great way for park-goers to hone their observation skills and learn to identify some of the diversity of species in the parks. 

Participants can begin the hunts by going online to and clicking the link for a specific park. The hunt guide features photos and descriptions of 22 select species from the following categories: mushrooms, birds, reptiles, wildflowers, trees, and arthropods. Once found, users check off the item within the online-hosted app.

Whether you find one or all 22 items, you can submit your completed hunt in a weekly drawing for a $20 Minnesota State Parks gift card. The gift cards can be used for vehicle permits, overnight stays, rental equipment, or more. Select parks offer additional prize drawings of a $25 gift card, which are sponsored by Friends Groups and will be awarded at the end of the season.

The hunts include a mix of items—from relatively easy, such as an ant, to challenging, such as an Artist’s Conk mushroom—which makes it fun for all ages, from youth to adult. “It’s a great activity for caregivers and children to do together,” says Parks & Trails Council external relations director Lisa Filter. “The photos help identify the items and can spur everyone to explore their surroundings in a new way.” 

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