The Friends of Lashbrook Park pose for a photo

Four Friends Groups receive funding for habitat restoration in 2023

In 2023, Parks & Trails Council partnered with four friends groups to spearhead habitat restoration projects at natural areas around the state. See our recap of their activities below!

2023 by the Numbers





Funds granted

Friends Group Partners

Trees and shrubs planted

Volunteer hours


Frontenac State Park Association

Tree planting and protection in the campground and use area to replace ash trees.

  • .25 acres protected
  • 15 trees planted
  • 58 volunteer hours
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Gateway Brown’s Creek Trail Association

Installing native plantings at a degraded site along the Gateway Trail.

  • 0.33 acres of invasives removed
  • 9 trees planted
  • 94.5 volunteer hours
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Gitchi-Gami Trail Association

Engaging local youth to re-seed drought-afflicted parts of the Gitchi-Gami Trail. This project has been extended due to scheduling conflicts, and will conclude in May 2024.

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Friends of Lashbrook Park

Planting spring ephemerals to create habitat for the endangered Rusty Patched Bumblebee.

  • 2 trees planted
  • 147 shrubs and forbs planted
  • .25 acres restored
  • 213 volunteer hours
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Thank you and congratulations to the four Friends Groups who implemented habitat restoration projects in 2023. Their hard work and dedication for their parks and trails is evident! The land, wildlife, and human visitors truly benefit from their steadfast investment.