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Gateway-Brown's Creek Trail Association

Map of MN with Gateway-Brown's Creek State TrailMission

Represent trail users to the DNR and the State Legislature. The two goals of the GBCTA are:

  • Keep the trail safe and well maintained.
  • Encourage trail extensions to William O’Brien State Park, Interstate State Park and on to Duluth

Friends Since


Former president of GBCTA John Oldendorf speaking at P&TC's Day on the Hill
Gateway horses and bikers
The Gateway has portions with a dual track for horses and bicyclists.

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October 1, 2012

Active friends for an active trail

The 200 members of the Gateway-Brown’s Creek Trail Association make up one of the most active Friends groups in the state, ...

Our Partner Land Project

Project Years

1980 – 2009

Acres Acquired

43 acres for the future extension of the Gateway, plus P&TC played a key role in securing the initial purchase in 1980 for the creation of the 20-mile trail.

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