HOP: Moths  

HOP: Moths


Whitewater State Park


Wed, Jun 12    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Jessica Miller, Entomologist, Dragons Wynd, will be immersing us in the world of Minnesota’s caterpillars and moths. Caterpillars are a great source of protein especially for bird chicks. Moths have caterpillars in the ground, water, shrubs, plants, and trees. We will talk about when we see them fly and where we can see signs of the caterpillars. Some species are very colorful, and many are browns and greys. Moths are very good at coloration that matches daytime perches or patches of color to scare off would be predators. It’s always great to hear your questions and stories too!

Come back after dark and join Jessica for some “mothing” at the amphitheater behind the visitor’s center and see how many nocturnal moths and insects you can identify.


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