February 6, 2017

Local Grants

2018 Legislative Outcome

Amount RecommendedAmount Funded
$5 million$0

Funding Source Sought

Seal of Minnesota
General Obligation Bonds

Bills Introduced

HF 1270 & SF 689

No bills passed

Proposed Project Overview

Grants for regional and local parks and trails to fund four grant programs that have historically been managed by the MnDNR:

2018 Identified Need

  • $5 million in bonding
  • $2 million recommended by LCCMR

Project Impact

Regional and local grant programs have long been a vital source of funding close-to-home outdoor experiences across Minnesota. Funding for these programs has dwindled in recent years, however, even as demand has grown.

Bill Status

  1. Bills (HF 1270 & SF 689) introduced that includes $5 million for matching local park and trail grants.
  2. Bills referred to committees.
  3. Bills not included in the final bonding bill

House Authors: PostonHoweJohnson, C.Murphy, E.LienNornes

Senate Authors: RuudIngebrigtsenEkenNelson

Update: House File introduced on 2/15/17 and referred to Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Finance. Senate File introduce on 2/6/17 and referred to Capital Investment.

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