March 15, 2018

Mississippi Blufflands: trail planning

2018 Legislative Outcome

Amount RequestedAmount Funded
$2 million$0

Funding Source Sought

Seal of Minnesota
General Obligation Bonds

Bills Introduced

HF 3748 – Mississippi Bluffland Trail funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

SF 3501 – Mississippi Blufflands trail bond issue and appropriation.

Final Language in Law

None – not passed

Project Overview

Trail development and planning for the proposed Mississippi Blufflands State Trail.

2018 Identified Need

$2 million

Project Impact

The Mississippi Blufflands Trail is a proposed 17-mile trail extending from Red Wing to Lake City and winding in and out of the blufflands, wetlands, rock formations, prairie, and the Mississippi River Valley.

Grassroots Initiative

In partnership with Mississippi Blufflands Trail advocacy group

Bill Status: Not Funded in 2018

Bill Numbers: HF 3748 & SF 3501
Drafted bills would appropriate $350,000 for predesign and design of the Mississippi Blufflands Trail between Red Wing and Lake City.

House Authors: Haley; Lillie
Senate Authors: Goggin

Update: House File introduced on 3/14/18 and referred to Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Finance. Senate File introduced on 3/15/18 and referred to Capital Investment.

Additionally, HF 2823 & SF 2504 would appropriate $9,490,000 is appropriated from the bond proceeds fund  to the commissioner of natural resources for a grant to the city of Red Wing to design and construct segments 2 and 3 of the Mississippi Blufflands State Trail/Red Wing Riverfront Trail project, along the western bank of the Mississippi River.

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