Preston to Forestville State Trail scenery
April 17, 2018

Preston-Forestville: trail extension

2018 Legislative Outcome

Amount RequestedAmount Funded
$5 million$0

Funding Source Sought

Seal of Minnesota
General Obligation Bonds

Bills Introduced

HF 162 – Root River State Trail funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

SF 66 – Root River state trail extension from Preston to Forestville state park bond issue and appropriation.

Final Language in Law

None – not passed

Proposed Project Overview

A trail extension connecting Preston to Carimona.

2018 Identified Need

$5 million

Project Impact

When complete, the Preston-Forestville State Trail will connect the existing Root River and Harmony-Preston State Trails to Forestville-Mystery Cave State Park. To date, one mile of trail and two bridges are built. The next phase of the project will complete 6 miles of trail, connecting Preston to Carimona, and includes 7 bridges as the trail follows the bank of the South Branch of the Root River and it’s narrow valley.

Project Support

Grassroots initiative in partnership with the city of Preston, Minn.

Bill Status: Not Funded in 2018

  1. Bills (HF 162 & SF 66) introduced to appropriate $5 million to extend the Blufflands State Trail System to connect Preston, MN with Forestville State Park.
  2. Bills referred to committees.
  3. Bill not included in final bonding bill.

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