Winter wonderland with a deer on the trail
April 9, 2019

Fat bikes and groomed winter trails at Chester Woods Park

From Friends of Chester Woods

Are you a fan of fat biking on winter trails? New this winter at Chester Woods Park, friends members were able to pack about 11 miles of multi-use winter trails! Of those, about 8 miles have also been specially groomed for classical cross country, skate skiing and snowshoes.

The fat tire bikes were a new addition this year, because this sport has gained in popularity. It was a great first year for it with record amounts of snow! The friends secured the full support of the Rochester Active Sports Club, a very big and influential sports group here. This was important as they will help to promote the trails and will be available with advice as we see how this new addition works out for our park.

We’re very excited to be able to offer this new activity and hope many of you can keep us in mind for future visits. More on the group’s other projects at “our” park later.

Content contributed by: Ruthann Yaeger, Friends of Chester Woods

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