Regional Park Friends

The Friends of Scandia Parks & Trails start work at Liten Park

About a dozen residents of Scandia braved cold winds, wet ground, and prickly ash on April 20th in the name of restoring Liten Park. The park, recently acquired by the City of Scandia, is currently an irregularly shaped trapezoid of long grasses and woody bracken. ...
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Nine people stand in front of a pile of cut branches, smiling.

Three Friends Groups receive funding for habitat restoration in 2024

Three Friends Groups have received funding for habitat restoration in 2024. These projects will address a variety of habitat-related issues at state and regional parks, including the restoration of bird habitat around a wildlife blind, creative erosion control measures at a high-traffic picnic area, and ...
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January 16, 2024

Friends of Minnehaha Park

Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota is proud to act as the fiscal sponsor for Friends of Minnehaha Park.As their fiscal sponsor, we partner to advance their cause and provide the tools and building blocks to run a nonprofit, including receiving, holding and administering funds ...
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Meet the Friends of Minnehaha

The Friends of Minnehaha Park came into being in early 2023.  Susan Glenn, a resident of Kenny neighborhood and a lifelong nature and history lover and park user, spent many hours outdoors exploring the park and sharing the love of the park with family and ...
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The Friends of Lashbrook make space for the bees

Did you know Minnesota has a state bee? The Rusty Patched Bumblebee (B. affinis) is a charismatic little insect with a band of coppery fur on its abdomen. But it's facing some steep challenges due to habitat loss, and is currently listed as endangered in the United ...
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Four Friends Groups receive funding for habitat restoration in 2023

In 2023, Parks & Trails Council partnered with four friends groups to spearhead habitat restoration projects at natural areas around the state. See our recap of their activities below! 2023 by the Numbers $10,000 4 173 83 Funds granted Friends Group Partners Trees and shrubs ...
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The Friends of Lashbrook Park pose for a photo
March 15, 2022

Eight friends groups receive grants from P&TC in 2022

Parks & Trails Council continued its popular Friends Group grant program in 2022 by issuing grants ranging from $350-$3,450 to eight friends groups. As a stewardship partner to specific parks and trails, Friends Groups can play a significant role in supporting habitat restoration efforts, trail ...
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kids filling a hole of a newly planted tree
March 1, 2022

2021 Friends Group Habitat Restoration Grants Recap

In 2021, Parks & Trails Council partnered with nine friends groups to spearhead habitat restoration projects at state and regional parks and trails. See the recap below. 2021 by the Numbers $7,500 $4,360 9 82 8.5 921 Funds granted Local cash match Friends Group Partners ...
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group of volunteers stands next to buckthorn pile
February 10, 2022

2022 Legislative Monitoring: Community-driven trail projects

We support volunteer friends groups to advocate for trail projects in their communities. The table below highlights key actions that have been taken on this priority issue during the 2022 Legislative Session. We will work to update this table throughout the session. Casey Jones State ...
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man bicycling on fresh pavement
February 7, 2022

Friends of Scandia Newsletter 2022

From Friends of Scandia Parks & Trails In This Issue Gateway extension Plant Walks Lilleskogen Invasive Shrub Removal Click image to view newsletter Go to friends' main page
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February 3, 2022

Friends have embarked on ambitious $1,000,000 fundraising campaign

A new nature center is getting built at Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo, and the Friends of Oxbow is rallying support to enhance the nature center experience once it's constructed. Since the '80s, Friends of Oxbow has been supporting the park's educational, environmental, and recreational ...
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blooming flowers and walking paths in front of building
January 19, 2022

Friends’ long-term interventions to manage invasive buckthorn

From Friends of Chester Woods Much of Chester Woods is infiltrated with buckthorn and other woody invasive specis, especially in the undeveloped areas of our park. We have forested areas where buckthorn is almost the exclusive species on the forest floor. The Friends of Chester ...
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Person stands at intersection of chemically treated buckthorn and untreated buckthorn
November 30, 2021

Meet Friends of Sunfish Lake Park

A small, but mighty, group of volunteers banded together five years ago to stand as a symbol of stewardship for Lake Elmo's Sunfish Lake Park. One of their primary activities has been creating and operating the nature center in the park. In addition, they host ...
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nature center with garden and bench
November 22, 2021

Friends of Sunfish Lake Park

Parks & Trails Council is proud to partner with this independent friends group.Parks & Trails Council cannot accept donations on behalf of this friends group. Friends of Sunfish Lake Park Mission Friends of Lake Elmo's Sunfish Lake Park stands as a symbol of the stewardship ...
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November 16, 2021

Friends of Oxbow – Fall 2021 Newsletter

From Friends of Oxbow In This Issue Fall Fest Nature center fundraising Membership renewal Merchandise Board member spotlight Click image to view newsletter Go to friends' main page
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