April 15, 2019

2019 Events at Anderson Park: Bird Hike, Plant Exchange, Fall Festival

From Friends of Anderson Park
Sandhill cranes in the park

Anderson Park is a haven for migratory birds. This area has the highest concentration of species of special concern in the Isanti County.

Spring Bird Hike

Saturday, May 11; 7:30am-9:30am

Join two local birding experts for a hike in the park at the height of spring migration. Bring binoculars and meet at the picnic shelter.

Plant Exchange

Saturday, June 8; 9am-10:30am

All types of indoor and outdoor plants, seeds, vegetables, ornamental grasses, bulbs, herbs, trees, fruit plants, and bushes accepted.

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Fall Festival and 10th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, September 21; 10am-2pm

Save the date and watch for more details in August.

General Park Updates

The Isanti County Parks Department has been busy! Late last fall a children’s climbing/sliding hill was added near the children’s play area, the main parking lot was enlarged and a turnaround added near the canoe/kayak dock. But that’s not all. In the next few months new permanent restrooms, a water fountain, electricity and a new bulletin board will be installed by the picnic shelter and new signage will be added in the small parking lots.

Anderson Park has grown from 174 acres to 404. Consequently, the Park’s Master Plan, which provides guidance for future development, will be updated over the next 6 months. We’ll soon be asking you for ideas about the new parts of the park. In addition, the Isanti County Parks Department will be present at the Isanti County Fair where the public will have an opportunity to suggest ideas and give feedback on potential development activities.

Content contributed by: Lee Kingsbury, Friends of Anderson Park

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